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Spazio Projects

We have a skilled team ready to tackle each project in a professional manner, with the priority of understanding our client's vision and translating it into a functional and aesthetic design.

Spazio - Casa NA" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

House NA, Miami, USA

  • Residential
  • Residential

Our design and execution team embarked on an extraordinary journey in the city of Miami, creating a remarkable interior design project that seamlessly combines innovation, elegance, and functionality.

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House JZ, Orlando, USA

  • Residential
  • Residential

We were honored to be able to design and transform the home of these talented international artists who trusted our team to achieve the revitalization of their turnkey project.

Spazio - Casa DK" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

DK House

  • Residential
  • Residential

For DK House, we have developed various design proposals for a TV cabinet.

Spazio - Apto DA" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

House DA

  • Residential
  • Residential

Our main objective was to capture an individual and prominent expression of the spaces that would also create a visual connection with the rest of the environments.

Spazio - Casa AD" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

AD House, Miami, USA

  • Residential
  • Residential

In our project in Miami, we have created diverse design concepts for a TV cabinet.

Spazio - House MG" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

House MG

  • Residential
  • Residential

This residential project marks the beginning of a renovation in line with our ‘Renovate’ approach.

Spazio - Casa MD" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

House MD

  • Residential
  • Residential

The project has specific design requirements. We support our customers in any design and execution requirements. At Casa MD we were first the designers of its Kitchen Area and Sanitary Rooms and later we carried it out with our technical team.

Spazio - Casa PAF" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

House PAF

  • Residential
  • Residential

PAF House represented to us a unique and special project where we had the opportunity to execute its renovation process to convert it into a home with a solid functional proposal and an ambiguous, modern, industrial aesthetic with a dual personality.

Spazio - Casa ML" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

House ML

  • Residential
  • Residential

We transform the pool area into a contemporary place where a sophisticated and welcoming aesthetic converges, managing to elevate the emotions of our customers.

Spazio - Casona P" alt="" class="lazy-0"/>

Casona P

  • Residential
  • Residential

Casona P inspired us to create a special home. Neutral, homogeneous. It is a space that allows us to provide our customers with a sense of serenity but in turn, arouse their emotions.

Benefits of doing your project with us

We are advocates of Made in Italy:

We have +200 allied European design brands with a wide range of products, which allows us to develop completely personalized projects. Every element can be selected by you.


We adapt to your budget:

You will have knowledge of the overall cost of your project, the phases, and actions from the beginning, ensuring greater control over your budget, logistics, and management.

With our variety of products, we can create designs that optimize investment ranges.



Our company is composed of a multidisciplinary team of professionals, which is why we provide comprehensive solutions in one place.


Consultation and design:

We guarantee the best quality and service through our team, who is responsible for every process and detail during and after the project.