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We have alliances to guarantee quality and excellence when carrying out your dream project.

Spazio Design

Made in Italy


Allied factories

We have +270 European design brands with the highest quality requirements to create functional and durable environments. We provide logistical assistance to successfully manage and guide the arrival of each product during the construction process, to achieve a unique and high-value "turnkey" solution.


By collaborating with our allied factories in Europe, we can offer you numerous benefits, including access to high-quality products, exceptional design options, sustainable solutions, logistical support, and a unique value proposition for the development and design of your home.

We have strong alliances to guarantee quality, speed, and excellence when carrying out your dream project according to your needs.

You will have access to innovation, creativity, and attention to detail. Collaborating with allied factories from Europe allows you to access a wide range of design options and expertise, ensuring that your home is aesthetically appealing and reflects your style.

As representatives of +270 allied factories, we guarantee not only the optimization of all resources but also the possibility of managing better design and product through them, directing it towards a comprehensive approach that merits it.


We provide services for the following areas: Residential, commercial, public spaces, and contract, designed to fit the needs of your project.

Spazio - cocinas


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Craftsmanship, design, and personalization are the guiding words of Zampieri, who has maintained and developed over time the ability to carry out tailor decoration projects with such a ductile productive process that can find every taste or requirement.

Spazio - Cocinas Electrodomesticos

Kitchens Appliances

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The complements that make your kitchen a different place. Technology, design, dedication, and trajectory are the values that stand out in our alliances, experts in giving useful life to the spaces most used and frequented daily.

Spazio - Revestimientos


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Spazio is coating. Our alliances represent an advantage when remodeling and/or designing new covers for homes, businesses, and offices.

Spazio - Ditre Italia


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Perfect for resting, sharing, and decorating. This is the catalog that Spazio offers you when you choose to give life to the common areas.

Spazio - Bonaldo


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To illuminate diverse spaces with good taste and innovative designs, through the hand of renowned architects, our alliances allow us to enjoy exclusive pieces to impact each area with the right lighting.

Spazio - Catalano


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At Spazio, we know the importance of having comfortable intimate areas. That is why we have all the necessary elements to make your sanitary rooms a space designed to generate user satisfaction.

Spazio - Oioli

Bathroom Faucets

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We have excellent quality taps for kitchens and bathrooms. Our alliances, pioneers in their countries of origin certify and sign products with an indisputable seal of originality, versatility, and luxury.

Spazio - Cattelan


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It stands out for its extensive collections, opening and closing systems that take care of every detail, and a great variety of options that adapt to any space and project.

Spazio - Blueinterni


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Bluinterni’s striking design for communicating spaces is simply flawless. Fine details, quality materials, ingenuity, and talent combine to create great results. With Spazio, you can enjoy these products.