Our Company

We are a architecture studio that combines modern and avant-garde designs to create a functional, attractive and exclusive environments. Our intimate connection with europe allowed us to establish several alliances with factories, brands, designers, architects and innovators in the art of decoration  

We want you to enjoy the environment that surrounds you. Our showroom is ready to live and share the products and services we have to offer. We are exclusive distributors of important design brands, decoration and construction firms managing the trends that achieves pleasant differences in the final result. Working with us means working with design professionals and high-end Italian brands supported with excellent management and logistic to achieve the best result for you.


Architecture and interior design: From our creative studio, we project and design highly functional spaces, capable of satisfying the most demanding taste


To innovate is to think big. From our creative studio we understand the value of good design, its functionality and applications. We create unique elements and spaces for the environment that you enjoy

Project Management

We offer a timely and effective management in project management. Our team develops an organization and has current tools to achieve optimal execution


We are capable of building your project. We have strategic alliances, engineers and human talent to materialize and concretize civil works


The importance of the final process makes us rigorous. We decided to do it ourselves to guarantee a good result. Simply, we take care of every detail

and Purchase Management

We coordinate and consolidate the logistics to send your products effectively, from the different factories to the door of your home or business